Beyond the Veil business and its practices is ran by Deb. Please visit the ‘About Me’ page for more information.


-The Clinic-

Beyond The Veil means.....

Good Health and Well-Being seems to be just out of reach for us, like a veil that occludes our sight, and with a little compassion and guidance we all can achieve the goals that we seek. Like a Waterfall that covers what lies beyond.

As a leading provider of health & wellness we take pride in offering the right therapies tailored to your specific needs. Beyond the Veil is dedicated to serving the needs of our clients each and every day.


Beyond the Veil offers a professional location to serve the DFW area. The clinic is housed in a private and practiced business building. Your comfort and privacy is our top concern! Whether you request a special scent or prefer a more relaxed atmosphere, the clinic is specially tailored with our client’s preferred relaxation in mind. Our services are custom tailored to your needs, our philosphy is to bring "a more integrated therapist to your table "


Our services addresses the need for professional quality, integrated services and we have many resources to help with related costs.

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